Pierre Bélanger

Pierre Bélanger is a landscape architect, author, curator, and associate professor at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design. Contesting the imperialism of state building and institutional systems, Bélanger has published two core books on remapping states of engineering and militarism: Landscape as Infrastructure, and Ecologies of Power (co-authored with Alexander Arroyo). Additionally, Bélanger has published about the political, territorial, and spatial language of landscape in a recent issue of Harvard Design Magazine, Wet Matter, co-edited with Jennifer Sigler (@lowlowtide), as well as in the monograph of the 35th edition of the Pamphlet Architecture Series, Going Live: From States to Systems, profiling the visual representation of vegetal systems and different life forms. As a practicing designer and founder of the Landscape Infrastructure Lab, he received the Canada Prix de Rome in Architecture and was curator of the controversial Canada Pavilion and Exhibition Extraction at the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale (@1partperbillion). In collaboration with a range of creators and activists during the past decade, Bélanger will be releasing an edited volume titled Extraction Empire in Spring 2018, profiling the states, scales, and systems of Canada as the largest resource extraction nation on the planet.