Agustín Irizarry Rivera

Agustín Irizarry Rivera, PhD (Universidad de Puerto Rico-Mayagüez, Electrical Engineering) is an electric power systems engineer who studies renewable energy and how to re-design the electric grid to use more of it. He has provided services to government agencies, municipalities, communities and private companies. He is author, or coauthor, of over 40 peer-reviewed publications including two book chapters (recent publications are: “The Long Road to Community Microgrids” and “A Case Study of Residential Electric Service Resiliency thru Renewable Energy Following Hurricane María”). In May 2012 he was elected to the Board of Directors of PREPA, by the consumers to represent their interests, in the first election of this kind in Puerto Rico. In 2013 Board Members elected him Vice President until September 2014, when his term expired.