Reference Collection

Green New Deal

The references collected here—organized by Zoe Kauder Nalebuff with Elliott Sturtevant—are intended an opening, an invitation to further interrogate the meeting point of policy and politics in service of climate, economic, and racial justice. Editors have concentrated on texts that emphasize socio-technical (as opposed to merely technical) responses to climate change, in keeping with the spirit of the H.R. 109 and in support of the Buell Center's study of the Green New Deal as well as related, extra-institutional efforts to do the same.

Mark Burton
Peter Somerville

Degrowth: A Defence

William Minter

Daniel Aldana Cohen
Kate Aronoff
Alyssa Battistoni
Thea Riofrancos

Rachel M. Cohen

Joel Wainwright
Geoff Mann

Climate Leviathan