Green Reconstruction is an outline, an open work, for the repair of a world ravaged by three intersecting crises—of mutual care, of racial oppression, and of climate—that moves along two axes, the Green axis of ecological transformation, and the gilded axis of material redistribution, or Reconstruction. More specifically for the arts and sciences of the built environment, Green Reconstruction names a new curriculum, a change of course.
Building Information Modeling (BIM), at its simplest, is a “Google Docs” of architectural production. Allowing many hands to work simultaneously on complex building projects, BIM is an industry-strength digital modeling ethic that generates drawings, schedules costs and components, simulates construction sequences, and coordinates global teams—all from a shared information database.
On Sunday, November 17, 2019, at the Queens Museum, “The Green New Deal: A Public Assembly” gathered a wide array of advocates, organizers, and elected officials to explore the GND’s relationship to society, policy, and the built environment.